The Criminality Behind the Perpetually Trayvon-Aggrieved: An Essay


The Travyon Martin Case; Update 31.3: Of Tea and Skittles and Profiling

Stately McDaniel Manor

Recent comments, and the upcoming trial of George Zimmerman, including the never-ending statements of the Martin family and Scheme Team, including the collaboration of the Prosecution, suggest it might be a good idea to once again address two issues: tea and Skittles and “profiling.”

In many respects, the use of these terms began with the affidavit in support of an arrest warrant for George Zimmerman.  However, their use ultimately stems from the construction of “The Narrative,” by the Scheme Team in collusion with Florida politicians and the national and local news media.  The prosecution was, in some ways, a late-comer to the propagation of the narrative.  These terms, much abused, were present at the beginnings of this case, and will play a prominent–though completely misleading–role in the prosecution’s case.  As always, the media can be trusted to further the narrative, regardless of its inherently deceptive nature.


Merriam-Webster defines profiling…

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